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At Mike’s Fresh Sushi,
every bite is all about the fresh ingredients.

We craft beautiful, scratch-made sushi, appetizers, power bowls and more with high quality, raw and cooked fish and seafood. All of our produce is fresh, hand-picked and local, whenever possible.

A look inside your roll

Sourced daily

Fresh avocado

15 cases of ripe avocado, sliced and rolled throughout the week

Fish and seafood

Sushi grade fish and seafood, frozen at sea for the freshest catch


Lots of fresh cucumbers, peeled and hand-shredded, to give your roll a nice crunch and a beautiful pop of green color


Crisp carrots hand-peeled, shredded & infused with ginger juice

Seasoned white and brown rice

100 pounds of sushi rice, freshly cooked daily. Fluffy, seasoned with vinegar, and in an equal balance of flavors with the rest of the ingredients. Both white and brown rice are available.

Plus a dash of anything goes

A little fruit here, a gummy bear or two there. We’re not afraid to surprise you.

Focused on your allergies and dietary preferences

We will personalize your sushi to meet your needs. Just ask! Lots of vegan and gluten free options available.

Scratch-made sauces

For some fire in your sushi, our Famous Spicy Sauce took two years to perfect. Our Famous Sweet Chili Sauce is a flavorful, mayo-free alternative.

Milton Location

10 Bassett St.
Milton, MA 02186

Phone: 617-696-5274

Hingham Location

79 Water St.
Hingham, MA 02043

Phone: 781-749-7332